San Francisco Blues


San Francisco Blues | 2016
W9" X H12", Watercolor, India Ink, and Gold Paint on Bristol

location: San Francisco, CA
representation: Quiñones Studio

Kimikaa Edition Original Available

Curator Note: In the spring of 1969, the Black Panther Party established its Free Breakfast Program for local youth at Sacred Heart Parish Church at the corner of Fell and Fillmore.
Inspiring the community members to mobilize and fight back.

This art comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

"San Francisco Blues" is an mixed media painting done on coldpress bristol. Painted in the Bronx, NY for KIMI KAA creative concept "Latinx" and was painted in 2016.

If you have any questions/concerns please contact me through my shop and you will receive an answer within 24 hours. Please frame, keep out of direct sunlight and keep dust-free.